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At Mexico Giveaways we offer corporate gifts and group gift experiences with the added warmth of Mexican hospitality; the perfect touch for your next incentive group.


At Mexico Giveaways we partner with artisans to preserve rich traditions and culture. We look to improve lives through fair pay, constant work flow and support growth.


In addition to ethical production we also focus on sustainable production. Many of our handmade artisanal items are made using recycled or eco friendly/ biodegradable materials. The production process for handmade goods use less energy and have much smaller negative impact on our planet. 


We strive to create meaningful opportunities and substantial growth opportunities for our team members.


Every gift makes a difference through our give back program,
A Gift That Gives, focused on elevating woman to empower communities, promoting education, and ensuring
family well being. 


A Gift That Gives is our way of thanking the communities that have given us a place to thrive. 3% of all sales go towards local programs focused on empowering women, promoting education, and ensuring family well-being in vulnerable communities.

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