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To develop into independent self-sustained individuals

A star is defined as a luminous spheroid held together by its own gravity…

We believe every woman can be a star and SHINE. 


SHINE is a training and learning center that gives women from vulnerable areas of the community the opportunity to improve their lives, by learning emotional, professional, and income-generating skills in a safe place.

We want to give these women a foundation to take action in changing their current situation. They come together to make SHINE flourish, they participate in the sewing workshop, assist in sales and join educational seminars.

SHINE is focused on transforming the community, generating a change of attitude one women at a time.


50% of the sale goes directly to the woman that created the item, the rest covers material and tools to keep the workshop growing.


SHINE women are producing our popular colorful mesh bags to promote less plastic use. They are cute, useful and you are helping the planet by avoiding single use plastic bags.


  • Bring your guest to a CSR Activity on site to improve the workshop 

  • Donate a sewing machine or materials required (fabric, threads, or needles)

  • Buy or gift 20+ totes or reusable produce bags

  • Donate your time!


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