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Making a difference one gift at a time

We stand by our promise and every gift does make a difference. 3% of every sale goes towards our giving back program focused on Promoting Education, Empowering Women, Ensuring Family Well-being, and Encouraging Environment Sustainability.

In Mexico many women are family households heads, we work with them so they can have the tools to become proactive and productive to support their families. Through workshops and programs that provide the knowledge and instruments we hope to empower women to get ahead in life.

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We believe that to improve a society, each individual has to have the opportunity to go to school. Mexico Giveaways partners with associations to offer a better future for underprivileged children and youth by ensuring access to quality education.


Family well-being is vital to thriving communities. Families who can make informed decisions, manage their basic needs, and tackle pressing human and community issues are better equipped to lead happy, healthy lives. We work together with families by helping cover basic needs for all family members, from footwear to housing, and offering preventive culture education and tools to look for a brighter future.


Mexico Giveaways is responsible with our planet. We believe in reducing and reusing to make a difference. 

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