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Partnering with companies with big hearts

We are honored to partner with companies that are willing to include a worthy Social Responsibility activity and make a difference in our community.

Choose from on-site CSR Activities with items that can be delivered to the local community or tailor-made CSR programs designed to fit your company's values, time and budget.


This is a fun and interactive activity where each team will assemble one bunk bed according to the given instructions. They will be gathering parts and making sure it fits correctly, until the bunk bed is ready for a family in need can receive it. Teams will make a message for the family receiving the bunk bed.


In this activity, teams will gather the items needed to prepare an organic garden for a family to produce a healthy meal and become productive. They should include all the tools, assemble filters, weight seeds and label them.  It is important to write a motivational message for the family. Gardens will be given to families in need of our community. The donation includes an agronomist for training and follow up.


Each person will decorate a pair of shoes with a variety of accessories and paints, they can be as creative as they want. A message for the person receiving the pair of shoes should be included. Shoes will be donated to children and adults in need of a community in Mexico.


In this activity, each team will paint with different colors all the pieces of the wooden math board according to the guide provided, they will also create a motivational message for the student that will receive it. Math boards will be donated to schools, to help less fortunate children and young adults learn mathematic skills and abstract development. The donation includes a specific training for teachers to maximize the use of math boards.